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Nights in over nights out?

I’m sat in my bed hungover from a few mojitos I had last night. Yes that’s right, a FEW. When I woke up this morning I was astonished at how immediately rough I felt. That kind of rough usually only comes from a heavy night dancing and gallivanting until 4am, which currently, seems like a very distant memory. As a former nightclub fiend, I found it particularly alien swapping my nights out for nights in when lockdown hit. But what’s more concerning, is not only how readily I’ve adjusted, but the fact that I am actually quite happy with this new normal?

This time last year, there was not a Saturday where you would not find me hungover. This admittedly had just become a fact of my life. But as with many things since March when Covid hit and clubs closed, my relationship with alcohol really started to change. From a health point of view my liver is obviously not complaining but more than anything I think alcohol and the allure of getting drunk has lost its appeal for me.

I almost feel like I’m trying to force something that just isn’t there anymore. Last week my boyfriend and I bought a box of beers in Asda (they were on offer may I just add we’re not sesh-heads…anymore!) and I couldn’t even finish one. I just didn’t feel the mood or vibe that comes with drinking or any sort of desire to be drunk. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood and admittedly when I’m with my boyfriend I’ll take snuggling up with food and Netflix over any party or drinking motive, but that’s just standard relationship behaviour. A few weeks before that, my best friend and I organised a night on the sauce - wine and girly tunes, a-ha, I thought, my grand comeback has finally arrived! My best friend and I are almost renowned for our seshy ways and I have had some of my messiest nights with her in tow.

I arrived at hers and we cracked open a bottle of bubbles - the height of excitement when there’s a pandemic at large let me tell you! Fast forward a few glasses later and the night ended with us ordering Papa Johns and falling asleep on the sofa to Made in Chelsea... at a REASONABLE hour. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have had the night any other way but what got me was the shift in both of our drinking appetites. This time last year, we would have been necking shots and boogie-ing on a club dancefloor until 3am! It led me to question, are we reforming?! Is this what getting old is?! At the mild age of 21... am I growing up?!

Not to sound like a recovering alcoholic but I think nowadays I just enjoy being sober a lot more than I used to. The threat of a hangover is enough to put me off even one drink and I think it’s because since leaving uni I enjoy being productive a whole lot more. To me now, a Saturday laying in bed hungover is a Saturday wasted and my former self would probably have laughed at that statement. Also, I’ve realised I enjoy hanging out with my friends more without alcohol involved. It’s finding fun in other things when so much of your time at uni revolved around drinking. I think the drinking culture at uni is huge but it’s important to realise it’s also not everything. This is something that has only become apparent to me during the pandemic.

Anyway, these are just some of my recent thoughts and musings about drinking. I’m not saying I’ll never enjoy drinking again and when clubs eventually open I’ll probably venture out to one. But at the moment a night in over a night out is something I’m definitely not complaining about.

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