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New year but not a new me

Hello everyone and a very happy new year to you all. I hope everyone is keeping safe and staying well over these difficult times. I’m really hoping that 2021 can be a better year than last and keeping all my fingers crossed.

It has been a while since my last post and some of you are probably wondering why I’ve been so quiet. Truthfully, December was a bit of a blur for me. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I got a job at the end of October just before lockdown 2. Once lockdown ended I returned to work for all of 3 weeks before being moved into tier 4 and subsequently, lockdown. The adjustment of working and not working and the shuffling of tiers was all a bit consuming for me and sadly I haven’t updated Cappuccino Keeks as I would have liked to. However, I am now back with a vengeance and have some exciting content lined up for this year.

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of my New Years resolutions. I don’t believe in the “new year new me” motto but I do agree with making resolutions. I think it’s healthy to set goals and milestones for a new year and it’s useful in measuring your success and achievements. I’ve tried to keep them covid-friendly and with pandemic in mind so either way hopefully I can achieve them. So without further ado, here’s mine:

1. Read a book a month

I’m sure those of you out there who are avid readers are probably scoffing at this one but in recent years I have become really lax with reading and it’s something I want to change. I too often find myself scrolling through TikTok before bed, rather than unwinding with a book. I’ve also got so many good books sitting unread on my shelves!

2. Start doing yoga

My aunt is a huge yoga fan and has been encouraging me for a while now and I have finally succumbed and bought a yoga mat. I’ve already started some pilates classes and I’m looking forward to getting into yoga too. Peace and mindfulness for 2021 please.

3. Listen to more podcasts

Something I mentioned in a previous blog post was my novelty to podcasts, but 2021 is my year to embrace the podcast world and who knows maybe I’ll even start my own one day! Watch this space…

4. Go to bed earlier

Probably the most boring resolution but there is reason behind this. I, like a lot of us, LOVE my sleep and have always struggled with waking up in the morning no matter if it’s 7am or 10am. However I feel like when I lie in until late morning I’m missing out on time in the day so I’ve vowed to get better at getting up early, even on my days off. To do this I don’t want to compromise on my amount of sleep so it just means hitting the sheets earlier (with a book in tow of course!)

5. Make monthly playlists

This is something which I used to do a few years ago and want to pick back up again. I love music and love looking back on the year by seeing which songs I was into in a particular month. Spotify already creates a yearly playlist but why not soundtrack each month too?

So there we have it, my 5 resolutions for 2021. Let me know if you’ve made any resolutions or perhaps even share some of mine! See you next week and thanks for reading!

Cappuccino Keeks x

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