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I finally found a job!

I never really considered myself a podcast person but recently I’ve been listening to the “Spencer and Vogue” weekly podcast and am thoroughly enjoying it. It’s sarcastic (very Spencer Matthews) and quick-witted (also Spencer Matthews), but also light-hearted and an easy listen. The pair bounce off each other well and I would highly recommend it if you’re a podcast fiend or perhaps just curious about the podcast world. Anyway, one thing they have adopted from none other than the Kardashian’s is discussing their “peak and pit” of each week. Being the avid listener I am, I thought this might be a fun thing to include in my blog post this week as I do feel this week has been more eventful than most. 

So starting with the peak, I finally got a job! Yes, I can hear your sighs of relief as it means my posts can at last discuss something other than my sad struggle for employment (don't worry they will!). The job is a retail role and I am delighted as I get to do something other than stare at the four walls of my living room! It might not be a grad role but I’m really in no position to be complaining (pandemic and all) and frankly being able to interact with new people is what I’m most looking forward to. I had a thought over coffee with a friend last week. Is there a stigma attached to going back to retail after graduating? Has uni made us entitled? A job is a job after all. But something about having a degree can make you feel overqualified. But equally I feel it shouldn’t. 

As I’ve whinged about in my previous posts, the job market is tougher than other years, so perhaps the stigma of going back to retail is somehow lessened? But what I really want to unpack is why this stigma exists at all. As I’ve quickly learned this year a job after graduating is no guarantee and I know I’m fortunate to have secured a job at all. Especially as many people across the country are being made redundant from jobs they’ve been in for years. However, I feel the stigma of retail and uni students is not one-sided. I am almost certain I have been rejected from retail roles I’ve applied to once they have seen I have been to uni. Is this because they know that this is unlikely to be my long-term career? Or because they would rather give the opportunity to someone else who is not perhaps university educated? Maybe I’m totally off and have just been unlucky. But one thing I have noticed is that I was offered roles in retail a lot quicker before I went to uni. I suppose the point I really want to make is that no matter what your job is everyone has a role to fulfil. We’re all contributing to the bigger picture in some way and isn’t that essentially what makes the world go round?

Moving onto the pit of my week and a rapid change of subject, I slipped over on some wet leaves whilst out on a dog walk this week :( unfortunately it was on the pavement right in front of many passing cars too. Another pit was that a pigeon nosedived into the bonnet of my car while I was driving and lost some feathers :( luckily i think he survived the ordeal but he may have pushed me closer to a premature heart attack!

This week's blog is a shorter post as I have been busy purchasing and organising my work wardrobe as I start my new job next week. Who knew shopping could be so tiring and time consuming?! Anyway I'll be back next week with more news from a week in my life!

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